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Commercial Services

Our service is about trust and a continuing relationship

Keeping vans on the road is the most important thing for all business customers and at Naze Lane Garage we fully understand that. That is why we have Naze Lane Garage Fleet care.

As a fleet care customer we have a range of services available for you to help reduce the amount of time your vehicles spend off the road.

12 Week Checks – This is the most valuable tool we have in preventing vehicles being off the road due to breakdowns. How does it work?

Every 12 weeks we would get your vehicle into our workshop and check the condition of all the brakes, steering, suspension, tyres, transmission, engine, lights, cooling system. If anything that was found was unlikely to make it to the next 12 week check without needing attention then a call is made to the customer to advise  the problem and give costs and repair times needed to carry out the repairs. This vehicle would then be required at a time most convenient to the customer to come in for repair; this reduces the downtime of the vehicle because the customer knows when the vehicle will be at the workshop and how long for. How often does a breakdown happen at a convenient time for you? When it happens do you know what he cost of the repairs will be before it goes into the workshop?

Naze Lane Garage Cannot prevent things from wearing but we can spot them early enough to advise customers allowing both the workshop and the customer to be able to cope with any problems found.